Nurtured Heart Approach

Learn strategies to build richer adult/child relationships!



Peaceful home or daycare environment.

  • Richer “time in” and engaged in positive behaviors.
  • Intensity used in creative rather than destructive ways.
  • Build a child’s sense of Inner Wealth.
  • Develop a basis for great decision making and success.

Explore ways to recognize positive behaviors using the Nurtured Heart Approach.  


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Parent Testimonials:


"I have learned how my input changes my child’s output. This class has helped me feel more confident as a parent."


"I have learned how to see what my child’s greatness is."


"Positive reinforcement and absolutely NO energy to negative behavior."

"This program really changed the relationship with me and my kids for the better! So grateful for this class. I didn’t know how much it would help my intense child. It has been amazing, what a difference it made."

"This class has given me confidence knowing that my child is not a “bad kid” and that I am not a “bad parent”. I feel more in control over my children."