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Do you have a child who will start Kindergarten in 2024?


Join us for eight fun-filled sessions which are FREE, including supper and childcare!

  • Classroom environment with parent, teacher and preschooler
  • First school experience
  • Become familiar with school, rules and routines
  • Learn essential academic and social skills
  • Parents will learn best practices to guide and prepare their child to help them succeed
  • Educators build relationships with families and identify readiness gaps


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Parent Testimonials:


"Gearing Up for Kindergarten has been very helpful for my child and myself to feel prepared to have her enter K and to continue to prepare for K throughout the summer. The instructor and teachers have been helpful and approachable. They are always willing to take time to answer questions and specific concerns we have had regarding our kiddo. Stacy has done a beautiful job organizing a wide variety of resources and information for all of us.  Thank you for all your hard work."

"Our experience with the Gearing Up for Kindergarten program has been nothing short of fantastic! Our oldest has gained some experience and expectations of what 'Big Kid' school will be like. This has made him excited to be going to a 'big' school. This has also helped us to know what to expect from our child entering kindergarten! We have loved this program and will recommend this too many of friends with kids!"

"Gearing Up for kindergarten is a program that involves child, parent and school. Children and parents begin to understand the importance of social, emotional and academic development prior to a kindergarten experience. This knowledge and experience is important to a seamless transition into kindergarten. I believe this experience assists our kindergarten teachers to better meet the needs of all students."

"I found this program to be very helpful for my child and myself. It helped him to become more prepared and confident. He knows what he can expect next year. He has made some new relationships. Knowledge is power! Thank you to all of you for your hard work and time to plan, set-up and run this program. Thanks for allowing all families to join for free."