Dickinson School District #1
Administrative Regulations & Exhibits

TOC-AR Table of Contents
School District
AAC-E1 Filing a State or Federal Discrimination and Harassment Complaint
AAC-E2 Discrimination and or Harassment Complaint Confidentiality Assessment
AAC-E3 Notice of Title IX Sexual Harassment Complaint

Sample Website Posting for Title IX Compliance

AACA-AR Section 504 Evaluation Standards and Procedures
AACA-E Section 504 Notice of Parent/Guardian and Student’s Rights
ABAB-AR Extracurricular Scheduling Regulation
ABBA-AR Tobacco-Free Schools and Workplaces
ABBB-AR Administrative Regulations for Community Use of School Facilities
ABBB-E Rental Agreement for Use of School Facilities
ABBC-E Rental Agreement use of School District Equipment
ABCA-AR Copyright Material and Policy Regulations
ABCA-AR2 Computer Software Regulation
ABDA-AR2 Website Accessibility Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances
ABCC-AR Building-level Wellness Policy Coordinators
ABCC-AR2 Sales of Food – Fundraising
ABDA-AR Website Accessibility Concerns, Complaints, and Grievances
ABDA-AR1 Website Accessibility
ABDA-E1 Website Accessibility Complaint and Grievance Form
ABDA-E2 Website Accessibility Statement
ABEA-AR1 Building-level Wellness Policy Coordinators
ABEA-AR2 Sales of Food-Fundraising
ABEB-E1 Free and Reduced Meal Eligibility Appeals
ACAA-AR Emergency Closing Procedure
ACAA-AR2 Telework Procedures
ACAB-AR Emergency Drills Regulation
ACBA-AR Automated External Defibrillators Regulations
ACBB-AR Responding to Potential Health Threats
ACBB-E Universal Precautions and Sanitary Cleanup
ACBB-E2 Laws on Immunizations, Contagious Disease, Reportable Disease, and Significantly Contagious Disease
ACBC-AR Use of Animals in District Schools
ACBD-AR School Medication Program Regulations
ACBD-E School Medication Provider Opt-in/Opt-out Form
ACBD-E1 OTC Non-Self Administering Medication Consent Form (Grades K-5)
ACBD-E2 Non-Self Administering Medication Consent Form
ACBD-E3 Self-Administering Medication Consent Form – Prescription Medications
ACBD-E4 Self-Administering OTC Medication Consent Form (Grades 6-12)
ACBD-E5 Student Pass for Medication (available upon request)
ACBD-E6 Medication Pass Log
ACBD-E7 Record of Supervised Medication/Treatment (Word version available upon request)
ACBD-E8 Medication Incident Report
ACBD-E9 Medication Pick Up Form
ACBD-E10 Medication Disposal Form
ACBD-E11 Emergency Care Plan
ACCA-AR Student Sex Offenders
ACDBA-AR Use of Video Cameras on School Buses Regulation
ACEA-E2 Bullying Reporting Guidelines
ACEA-E3 Staff Bullying Report Form
ACEA-E4 Student Bullying Report Form
ACEA-E5 Alleged Bullying Harassment Investigation Protocol (available on request)
School Board
BCAD-E2 Executive Session Format
BCAD-E3 Executive Session Format for Education Records
BCBA-E Request for Public Participation at School Board Meetings
BCBB-AR News Coverage of School Board Meetings
BDD-E School Board Member Compensation Form
BDD-E2 School Board President Compensation Form
BEA-AR School Board Member Responsibilities and Expectations
CAAA-E Superintendent Job Description
CAAB-E2 Superintendent Evaluation Motions
CABD-AR2 Administrative Work Calendar Guidelines
DBAA-AR1 Background Check Screening Procedure
DBAA-AR2 Administrative Regulations for Hiring
DBAA-E US Office of Personnel Management Adjudication System
DBAC-AR2 Benefit Explanation
DBBA-E Drug and Alcohol Testing for Employees
DCB-E Compensatory Time Off Law
DDAA-E Family and Medical Leave Law
DDAA-E2 Notice of Eligibility & Rights/Responsibilities under FMLA
DDAA-E3 FMLA Designation Notice
DDAA-E Form A Family and Medical Leave Application (FMLA)
DDAA-E Form B Certification of Health Care Provider for Employee’s Serious Health Condition
DDAA-E Form C Certification of Health Care Provider for Family member’s Serious Health Condition
DDAA-E Form D Certification of Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave
DDAA-E Form E Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of Covered Service Member for Military Family Leave
DDAA-E Form F Employee Rights and Responsibilities under the FMLA
DDCA-AR Administrative Regulations for Political Leave
DDDA-AR Travel Reimbursements
DDDA-E Form A Claim for Reimbursement for Travel Expense
DDDA-E Form B Travel Reimbursement Chart
DEAA-AR Procedure if Drug and or Alcohol Use is Reasonably Suspected
DEAA-E1 Record of Observable Behavior
DEAA-E2 Steps to Performing a Reasonable Suspicion Test
DEAA-E3 Drug and or Alcohol Testing Consent Form
DEBC-AR Gift Deliveries to Students while in School
DHBA-AR Professional Leave Guidelines
DI-AR Personnel Records Review Procedure
DI-AR2 Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 Administrative Regulations
DI-E HIPPA Release of Information Form
DJA-AR Procedure for Selecting Substitute Teachers

Office of Administrative Hearings (OAH) Guidelines for Prehearing and Hearing Procedure Discharge for Cause Hearings NDCC 15.1-15-08

FAAA-AR Open Enrollment Regulation
FAAD-AR Tuition Agreement Regulation
FAB-AR1 School Assignment
FACB-AR Transfers and Withdrawals Records Regulation
FACB-E Student Residency Verification
FACB-E2 FERPA and Student Authorization Release
FC-E Missing Student Reporting Form
FCAC-AR Significant Contagious Diseases (Head Lice)
FCAF-AR1 Concussion Management Program
FCAF-AR2 Concussion Management Procedure
FCC-AR Restraint or Seclusion Policy Regulations
FCC-E Restraint and Seclusion Reporting Form
FDB-E Non-Custodial Minor Caregiver Authorization Form
FDB-E2 DPS District – Level Dispute Resolution Form
FDH-E1 Foster Care Student Best Interest Determination Form
FDH-E2 Foster Care Student Transportation Plan
FEE-AR Student Organizations
FF-AR Student Conduct Standards & Disciplinary Procedures
FF-AR2 School Sponsored Trip Rules
FFA-AR Alcohol and Other Drug Intervention Procedure
FFC-AR Bus Conduct Regulations
FFEA-AR Procedures for Violation Alcohol, Tobacco, and Controlled Substances
FFI-AR Use of Technology in the Classroom
FFI-E Personal Technology Use and Waiver of Liability
FFJ-AR Student Vehicles on School Property
FFK-AR1 Suggested Procedure for Conducting an Expulsion Hearing
FFK-AR2 Suspension and Expulsion of Special Ed Students
FFK-E  Form A Report of a Violation or Incident
FGA-E1 Notice of Directory Information
FGA-E2 Model Notification of Rights under FERPA
FGA-E3 FERPA Release Form for Parents
FGA-E4 Notice of Executive Session Tape on File
FGA-E5 Student Information Sharing Request Form
FGA-E7 School Officials' Guide to FERPA and Data Privacy
FGCB-E Search and Seizure of Students Form
FIB-AR2 Participation in Non-School Sponsored Activities
GAAA-AR Curriculum Review Cycle
GAAC-E1 Request for Reconsideration of Instructional Resources
GAAC-E2 Library Bill of Rights
GABC-E Sex Education Law
GCAA-AR Placement, Promotion, Retention, and Acceleration of Students
GCAA-AR2 Student Schedules and Course Loads
GDA-AR Graduation Requirements
GCC-E1 Model Notification of Rights Under the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment


Criteria for Considering Third Party Student Surveys and Research
Fiscal Management
HBCC-E Fund Raising Request Form

Purchasing Laws for Schools

HCAA-AR Informal Bids or Proposals Process
HCAF-E1 Food Service Procurement Bid Protest Form
HCAF-E2 Informal Procurement Log

DPS Card Manual

HCAG-E E Purchasing Cards
HDD-AR Gifts and Bequests
General Operational Programs
IDC-E Security Breach Procedures
IE-AR Special District Transportation
IE-AR2 Bus Fee Waivers
Facility Development
Public Relations
KAAA-AR Parent Standards of Conduct
KAAA-AR1 Visitors in the Schools
KAAA-AR2 Sales Calls and Demonstrations
KAAB-AR Student Volunteers for School and Public Service
KAAB-AR2 Volunteer Confidentiality Rules
KAAD-AR Advertising in Schools
KACB-E Patron Complaint Against Personnel Form
KACB-E2 Investigation Report on File 
KBA-AR Sports and Special Events Media Coverage
KBA-AR2 Online Engagement by District Stakeholders
Organizational Relations
LAC-AR Recruiting Activities