Dickinson Public Schools People

Photo of Kristina Goodall

Kristina Goodall

Principal/Lead Teacher

Since I graduated with my undergrad in the spring of 1990 from Wartburg College in Wave...

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Beth Hurt

Regional Director

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Stacy Kilwein

Partners In Parenting Coordinator/Homeless Liason

Samantha Crotchett

Test Administrator/Administrative Assistant

Photo of Keith Harris

Keith Harris

Assistant Superintendent

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Picture of Colin Kapelovitz

Colin Kapelovitz

Language Arts Instructor

I have worked in Education since returning to the University of North Dakota to get my ...

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Amanda Wright

Router, Dispatcher, Bus Driver

Photo of Melanie Kathrein

Melanie Kathrein

Director of Instruction

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Picture of Jamie Wyant

Jamie Wyant

Mathematics Instructor

My teaching experiences include various levels of Math/PE in Nampa, ID at a middle scho...

Jeff Whitehead Staff Photo

Jeff Whitehead

SEL Instructor

Teaching has been my passion for 30 years. I love children and have taught every age, f...

Photo of Sheri Twist

Sheri Twist

Director of Student Services

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Tyler Ward

Computer Instructor Paraprofessional

Photo of Aaron Anderson

Aaron Anderson

Director of Career & Technical Education

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Photo of Cheryl Anderson

Cheryl Anderson

Special Education Coordinator - Preschool/Secondary

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McKyla Beagle

Special Education Process Facilitator - Heart River Elementary and Berg Elementary

Photo of Kayla Been

Kayla Been

Occupational Therapist

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Laura Bloom

Special Education Process Facilitator - Prairie Rose Elementary and Roosevelt Elementary

Karyn Chiapella Staff Photo

Dr. Karyn Chiapella

Curriculum Coordinator/RTI Coach for 6-12

Photo of Camila Chorro

Camila Chorro

Multimedia Communications Specialist

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Photo of Ryan Dukart

Ryan Dukart

Technology Specialist

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Photo of Rhonda Dvorak

Rhonda Dvorak

Administrative Assistant- Payroll

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Christa Enebo Image

Christa Enebo

School Psychologist Intern

Photo of Jackie Frank

Jackie Frank

Administrative Assistant

Meet Mrs. Frank! She is the K-5 Online Learning Academy Secretary. You can reach Mrs. F...

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Amber Fridley Headshot

Amber Fridley

School Psychologist Intern

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Maisie Fulton

Occupational Therapist

Audra Galster Image

Audra Galster

Special Education Process Facilitator - Lincoln Elementary & Jefferson Elementary

Photo of Nicole Hallan

Nicole Hallan

Business Office Assistant

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Shelby Hartze Image

Shelby Hartze

School Psychologist Intern

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Christy Hicks

Special Education Administrative Assistant

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Laura Hondl Staff Picture

Laura Hondl

Technology Specialist

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Photo of Stephanie Hunter

Stephanie Hunter

Business Manager

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Picture of Sharmon Jassek

Sharmon Jassek

CAO Logistics Assistant

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Staff Photo of Kayla Kennedy

Kayla Kennedy

Administrative Assistant

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Jessica Kenton

RASP Assistant Director

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Photo of Shawna Knipp

Shawna Knipp

Special Education Process Facilitator - Dickinson Middle School & Dickinson High School

Madison Knodel

Madison Knodel

School Psychologist

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Jamie Krebs

Special Education Process Facilitator

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Kristi Krebs

Administrative Assistant/Test Administrator

Staff Photo of Dr. Marcus Lewton

Dr. Marcus Lewton


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Picture of Donna Magnuson

Donna Magnuson

HR Assistant

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Leann Mehrer Image

Leann Mehrer

Special Education Process Facilitator - Dickinson Middle School

Picture of Nancy Muffley

Nancy Muffley

Administrative Assistant- to the Assistant Superintendent

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Mitchell Murphy

Technology Coordinator

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Picture of Lisa Myran

Lisa Myran

Administrative Assistant- Student Services/Special Education

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Photo of Stacy Northrop

Stacy Northrop

Technology Specialist

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Photo of Naomi Obrigewitch

Naomi Obrigewitch

Accounts Payable Manager

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Photo of Twila Petersen

Twila Petersen

Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent and School Board

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Lindsey Pierce Staff Photo

Lindsey Pierce

District Nurse

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Dana Price

Speech Language Pathology Process Facilitator

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Wayne Schatz

Building and Grounds Manager

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Rachael Sisson

Special Education Process Facilitator

Photo of Chelsee Skogen

Chelsee Skogen

Special Education Coordinator - Elementary

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Lupita Sosa


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Picture of Lexi Steiner

Lexi Steiner

Curriculum Coordinator/RTI Coach for K-5

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Jillene Susag Staff Photo

Jillene Susag

School Psychologist

Photo of Meghan Zeigs

Meghan Teske

Human Resources Manager

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Photo of Sarah Trustem

Sarah Trustem

Director of Communications and Community Relations

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Nicole Weiler Staff Profile

Nicole Weiler


The Roughrider K-8 Virtual Academy is preparing for a fabulous school year! We are exci...

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Carl Ziegs

Building and Grounds Electrician/Maintenance

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