Let’s “Glow” Crazy for Math and Reading – DMS Middle School grant

"Let's Glow" sign in Mrs. Fridrich's classroom

Dickinson Middle School was “glowing” today! Melinda Fridrich, Title I Schoolwide grade 6 and 7 math teacher, wrote a grant to the Foundation to help engage students in learning and reinforcing math and reading concepts. She transformed her classroom into a Glow Classroom with black lights, glow-in-the-dark tape, markers, hats, games, and more. The Glow Classroom helps to review, reteach, and practice the standards they need to know for math and reading. 

She set up her Glow Room and prepared review questions/materials. The classroom has stations for learning a specific content area. For example:  they have three review questions to answer at a station such as solving division problems. If they get the questions correct, they participate with a classmate in a game such as glow in the dark tick tack toe, ring toss, connect four, or jenga. Then they rotate to the next station. If they get it wrong, the teacher helps them learn the skill/concept. 

This classroom creates an environment where struggling kids leave fear behind and go for it with a bit of fun and celebration at the end. It demonstrates that review/practicing can be done in a fun, non-threatening way. Plus using physical movement has a direct connection to the student’s energy levels. Quotes from students: “It’s great, I love the hats.”  “It’s a new way to learn more.”  “Can this be our room forever?”

Station 1 – Glowing with Division

Students solve the division problems, if they get it right, they get a chip, continue until all the color chips are gone, then play Connect Four. Then move to the next station.

Station 1 Glow Classroom examples

Station 2 – Plotting Values on a Quadrant Plane

Station 2 Glow Classroom examples

Station 3 – Glowing Integers

Students shake dice and solve the problems, then the student with the highest score from each line tosses a ring on the glowing ring board. They keep track of their score.

Section 3 Glow Classroom example

Station 4 – Geometry Glows

Section4 Glow Classroom example