Gallons of Gratitude

Gallons of Gratitude Program

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Tri-Energy Cooperative (Cenex) donated $47,000 to the DPS Foundation to be used to support teachers in the classroom through their Gallons of Gratitude Program. This is the second year of their partnership with the DPS Foundation. 

Every classroom teacher (certified staff member) will be able to purchase up to $140 of classroom materials to enhance education.  Plus, new classroom teachers will be able to purchase an additional $200 of classroom supplies or equipment.

Impact Online Form to be Completed by Teachers – Teachers should complete the online Impact form (you may need to download the form and complete) and email it to 



Gallons of Gratitude Tri-Energy Cooperative Program information flyer

What are our teachers saying about the Gallons of Gratitude donation?

"What a generous gift from Tri-Energy and such an important message to our teachers to let them know they are appreciated and that those items purchased through personal accounts on behalf of our kiddos does not go unnoticed!"

Student with toys

She purchased Barbies and dinosaurs for her kindergarten classroom with the Gallons of Gratitude donation.

"Thank you Tri-Energy for the generous donation.  My students love playing with these items every day."

"Thank you Tri – Energy for Gallons of Gratitude dollars!  My students love to build and create so having Magnatiles to encourage understanding related to shapes, structures, and other geometric concepts is wonderful! "

Students with magnatiles
Roosevelt Elementary students with resonator bells

"Getting more instruments in our kids’ hands is so wonderful!  Thank you Tri – Energy Cooperative for helping teachers with classroom supplies."