Empowering Entrepreneurs: Market Day Success

2 male students standing in front of their food market

By: Kelly Olson
Business Teacher/FBLA Advisor at Dickinson High School

Dickinson High School Entrepreneurship students had their semi annual Market Day on December 20th, 2023. In this unique project, Mrs. Olson’s students were given the option to invest their own money or secure a loan from Empowered, a non-profit that supports business teachers and their young entrepreneurs. The students dedicated the entire semester to developing and refining their businesses from the ground up, facing challenges, and celebrating successes along the way. 

The diverse range of products offered by the students reflected their creativity and business sense. From the sweet allure of cotton candy to freshly baked goods, the Market Day stalls presented a feast for the senses. Savory pretzels and nachos, stylish hats, authentic tamales, irresistible cookie dough, and mouth-watering donuts added to the vibrant array of offerings. 

Beyond the tangible products, Market Day served as a real-world classroom, teaching students essential life skills. Responsibility took center stage as they managed every aspect of their businesses – from planning and budgeting to production and sales. Their hands-on experience in handling money gave them a practical understanding of financial management. 

Market Day stands as a testament to the power of experiential learning and real-world experience. As the stalls closed and the profits were tallied, it was clear that Market Day was more than just an event – it was a transformative experience that will leave a lasting impact on these young entrepreneurs.