Dickinson Dynamic Sound

Kids jumping in the air celebrating music

By: Sarah Olson
Choir Director at Dickinson High School


Dickinson Dynamic Sound is a new children's choir ensemble that 4th and 5th grade students of Dickinson Public Schools can participate in. Starting in October of this school year, students from the DHS A Cappella choir traveled to the DPS elementary schools to share their love of singing.  There were approximately 70 4th/5th grade students who participated in the choir.  

Three times in each week we would visit one school at the end of the school day; the first day, students learned how to sing the songs, the second day the students learned the movements, and the third day we put it all together from memory. The elementary students enjoyed getting to know the high schoolers and loved singing alongside them. 

After visiting each school, we all got together on November 18th for a dress rehearsal. Students were paired with the high school leaders at the dress rehearsal, who took groups from one session to another. At this rehearsal, they practiced on the stage and played singing games, and finally, we put it all together at the end of the dress rehearsal.  All 70 Dickinson Dynamic Sound choir students joined their voices together in song. Our concert was held on the following Monday evening. It was an incredible experience for all involved.  I look forward to holding this annual event and hope to continue to foster a love for singing in our community.