Updating SwiftK12 Preferences

Dickinson Public Schools - SwiftK12 - PowerSchool

Dear DPS Families,

PowerSchool and SwiftK12 have recently received updates, so please review your child's contact information. Up-to-date contact information is extremely important for district notifications and emergencies.  If the information is incorrect or missing, you will not receive notifications.

Please see the following document or follow the instructions below.

  • In the PowerSchool parent portal, click Forms on the left and then the Contact Information 23/24 form.
  • Alerts will go out to the top two contacts. Usually, those contacts are the mother and father or Guardians. If you want alerts to reach others, please follow the directions in the attachment to add people. 
  • People with data access (a parent account for PowerSchool) will only see their information in the SwiftK12 alert preferences section. 
  1. For example, if mom has data access, she will see her information but not dad's information. If Dad wants to check his SwiftK12 preferences, he must also set up a data account. 
  • Emergency messages are sent to each contact field. You cannot opt out of this. 

If you need assistance, please contact the secretary at your child’s school. Please attempt to update information before Labor Day.