Mrs. Rhode's RACTC EMR Students Pass Practical Skills Test for State EMR Certification

Mrs. Rhode's EMR students in class

Mrs. Rhode's EMR students from the Roughrider Area Career and Technical Center took their practical skills test for their state EMR certification. 27 students passed all the check-offs!

The 5 skill check-offs the students had to show proficiency with were:

  • Oxygen administration via non-rebreathing mask
  • Ventilations to an apneic adult patient
  • Medical assessment (how to care for one of the following: respiratory distress, stroke, diabetic complications, anaphylaxis, cardiac complications, poisoning/overdose)
  • Trauma assessment
  • Cardiac arrest management/aed use

Students will be taking a 100 question multiple choice test that must be passed with a 70% or better. Material on the test is what has been covered throughout the school year. After passing both the practical skills and written exam, the students will have earned their ND State EMR License & Certification.

EMR (emergency medical responder) courses are a great stepping stone for anyone entering the medical field, but students also learn valuable life skills to potentially help someone in the future. A BIG thank you to all the volunteers that came in to make this testing possible; these opportunities wouldn't be possible without the help of fellow first responders!