Dickinson High School State SkillsUSA Competition


Earlier this week, our Dickinson High School students attended the State SkillsUSA Competition, and they made us proud! Take a look at the results below.

  • Justin Wardell – 1st place (Welding Sculpture)
  • Sage Morton – 1st place (Job Demonstration)
  • Hunter Moreno – 1st place (Power Equipment Tech)
  • Lucas Shilman – 1st place (Architectural Drafting)


  • Kaden Hintz – 2nd place (Plumbing)
  • Dillon Praus – 2nd place (Power Equipment Tech)
  • Elijah Ricks – 2nd place (Related Technical Math)
  • Kelby Gion – 2nd place (Architectural Drafting)


  • Bailey Binstock – 3rd place (Related Technical Math)
  • Bailey Binstock – 3rd place (Prepared Speech)
  • Aria Sickler – 3rd place (Pin Design)
  • Ella Sickler – 3rd place (Architectural Drafting)


  • State Officer Elect – Bailey Binstock
  • SkillsUSA Advisor of the Year – Maggie Lehman

A big congratulations to all who participated!