Celebrating Dickinson High School’s Young Artists

Young lady standing next to her painting

 By: Cassy J. Gebhardt
Visual Arts Teacher at Dickinson High School

It was a night for celebrating young artists from Dickinson High School. Seniors Burkley Luchi and Adam Liberty showcased their artworks during the very first advanced art exhibit. The advanced art course provides valuable exposure and experiences to young artists. For example, they provide the opportunity for creative freedom, the ability to use multiple media, and the discovery of personal style. Additionally, students grow their personal work ethic, organization, time-management, and communication skills throughout the course.

The event started with artist talks from each of the seniors to explain their creative process and the meaning of the artworks. Burkley Luchi created a series of nostalgic works from her childhood, hoping that others can draw their personal memories from her pieces. Burkley's works featured strongly saturated, arbitrary color schemes combined with gestural brushstrokes applied to wood canvas. Adam Liberty constructed pieces that represent personal struggles in the hopes of starting an open dialog about conflicting situations and mental health. Adam utilized two types of media, acrylic on canvas and digital, all of which encompass strong emotion and details.

The event was held at the SWCTE Building B in the spacious culinary unit. Chef Colin Wehner and his students provided an exquisite spread of hors d'oeuvres and an inviting environment for the social. The DHS Art Department and students are truly grateful for the hospitality and support of this event. The next advanced art show is scheduled for Friday, May 10th. The event will be held in collaboration with Mrs. Blum's fashion show and feature artworks from other students. Please, come and show your support for these talented young artists.