DHS Students Complete the First Certified Nurse Aide Class

Dickinson High School Students that received certification

The Roughrider Area Career and Technical Center is proud to announce the completion of the first Certified Nurse Aide class taught by Ms. Guillaume.

Congratulations to Dickinson High School students Lindy Birchman, Madolyn Coleman, and Dustie Dassinger for passing the North Dakota Department of Health Services CNA certification! These students will be registered to practice as Certified Nurse Aides in North Dakota. Students were prepared for both a knowledge and skills exam that consisted of hands-on skills. Thank you to St Luke's Home for assisting with testing.

This remarkable accomplishment shows these students' hard work and dedication to learning. CNAs are essential members of healthcare who assist nurses and other medical staff by providing direct personal care for patients. These students have the opportunity to make a difference and gain foundational knowledge that will last a lifetime.