Heart River Elementary's Jenna Cranston Receives a $1,500 Continental Resources Grant

Mrs. Cranston with students

Please help us congratulate Heart River Elementary's Jenna Cranston on receiving a $1,500 grant from Continental Resources to purchase hands-on coding materials for the classroom.

Cranston shared this about her grant, "I attended the 2022 Governor’s Summit on Innovative Education at Dickinson Middle School this past summer. While in attendance, I listened to Governor Burgum, along with other leaders within our state, speak about the future of education and the jobs that accompany that.

He spoke of job opportunities that entail coding, also commonly known as computer programming, and how big of a need there is at this time and in the future for students that have those skills and qualifications for coding. This gave me the idea of writing a grant through Continental Resources to provide my students some possibility of initiating that spark of learning through coding."

Congratulations, Jenna!