Implementing Pikmykid

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In our ongoing efforts to enhance your children’s safety, we have decided to begin using the PikMyKid Dismissal Application. Throughout the country, it has been proven to simplify dismissal, reduce traffic congestion, and most importantly, improve overall safety.

The unique features of PikMyKid allow you, as parents, to easily change pick up modes, quickly delegate to an alternate individual for pickup, change to an ‘After School’ program, and even schedule for future pickup mode, pickup individual, and after school programs. This app allows you to be in full control of your child’s dismissal and it gives us, the school, complete information regarding dismissal and the ability to acknowledge every change and to instantly check your child’s dismissal status should you have a question. We are very excited about this addition and know you will be too.

Check your emails over the next week for additional information and we will be on our way to a safer, quicker, and more efficient dismissal process. To Learn a little more on your own, please check out the following link that will show you a few of the PikMyKid features.

Below is the link to an instructional video to aid you in signing up and explaining the features that can be utilized by you:

Please take the time to watch this video and look through the attached PDF, as it is very helpful.  We know there will be questions, and we will try to answer them the best we can. PikMyKid has a help feature directly on the App so you can get help from their customer support.

We are very excited for this implementation at Jefferson!