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Lauren Roemmich

Social Worker-Dickinson High School

D.P.S. Social Workers Resource Guide


The D.P.S. School Pantry

The D.P.S. School Social Workers are excited to announce we have a school closet and pantry available to any Dickinson Public School family! We have clothing, winter gear, shoes, school supplies, hygiene items, and food.

We do not have income qualifications. If you need it, you can use it! The closet/pantry is open by appointment only. Please get in touch with your school social worker to schedule a time! Parents will be asked to provide a photo I.D. upon arrival.

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Project H.E.R.O.

Dickinson Public Schools collaborates with the United Way of Dickinson to help families who do not qualify for free/reduced lunches but need extra help paying for school meals. Project HERO is a program that partners with families to help pay off negative lunch debt. The program is also expanding to help with paying for transportation and milk for students.

To receive this service:

Families must start by completing a free/reduced lunch application. (Regardless of eligibility, we can help!)

Project HERO is intended to help pay a portion of the negative lunch balance by matching the family’s contribution. The parent or guardian will meet with the school social worker to plan to pay off the negative balance together. We will consider individual circumstances when determining a payment plan.

Please get in touch with your school social worker for more information!