Clarence Hauck

Clarence Hauck

Welding Instructor

Hi, I am the welding teacher for Dickinson High School.

Welding I, 1 credit
Grades: 10,11,12

Description:    This welding class will cover arc and oxy-acetylene welding and cutting.  The class will give ample time for building projects.  Students interested in the field of automotive, machine shop, refrigeration, and engineering will find the class helpful in college.

Welding II, 2 credits
Grades: 11,12

Description:    This course will cover all types of welding, such as stick welding, oxy-acetylene (gas welding). “Tig” (tungsten inert gas welding), “Mig” (metal inert gas welding), and spot welding positions with both gas and arc welding.  Soldering and cold metalwork will be introduced as part of the course.  Blueprint reading, layout, and symbols are introduced.  Skills USA membership is expected.  Prerequisites: Welding I

Welding III, 2 credits

Description:    Welding III is a continuation of Welding II, working towards perfection in all phases of welding and stressing the use of the “Mig” and “Tig” welders.  The use of pipe bevellers and the welding of pipe to be used on high-pressure pipelines included.  Blueprint and shop print reading as well as layout work will be taught.  Skills USA membership is expected.  Prerequisites: Welding I & II