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At Dickinson Public Schools We Believe:

  • Positive and respectful school environments are essential for learning.
  • The quality of the school directly influences the quality of the community within which we live.
  • The student shall be at the center of all educational decisions.
  • Every student can learn at high levels.
  • It is the responsibility of the school district to prepare the learners for the 21st century.
  • Effective teachers are the key to student success.




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Winter Weather Safety

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Winter Weather Safety

Stay warm and safe with these Winter Weather tips from the North Dakota Department of Emergency Services.



The first line of defense in keeping children safe and warm while playing outdoors in the cold is to make sure they are dressed appropriately.

Children should be dressed in layers with the outer layer being something that is water and wind resistant. Avoid wearing anything close to the skin that’s 100 percent cotton because it will absorb perspiration and water and can cause the body to get cold.

Mittens can be warmer than gloves, but they can also cause kids’ hands to perspire. It is suggested always having extra dry clothes for kids to change into if necessary, especially for their hands and feet.

Parents can often times find quality snow clothes and boots at local consignment shops or get good deals at end-of-season sales. Your local super mart or mall should also have these items. It is not recommend that children wear jeans and sneakers when playing in snow.

Items that are essential for children playing outside in the cold weather are as follows: Warm winter hat, mittens, insulated (and preferably water proof/wind resistant) coat, snow pants, and waterproof snow/winter boots.


School Board Meeting

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School Board Meeting

All are welcome to join us for our January 12th School Board meeting at 5 pm in the board room of Central Office.  For more information visit our School Board page to learn more and recap minutes.