Winter Weather Reminder


Weather Guidelines from the 2022-2023 Student Handbook page 18

Decisions on whether students are to go outside are based on the guidelines listed below. (Guidelines apply to rainy, windy and cold weather conditions.)


  • When the temperature and wind chill are -10 degrees and above, students will be sent outside.
  • When the temperature and wind chill are -11 degrees and below, students will stay in the building.

Students who have an excuse because of illness, coughs or colds will be allowed to remain indoors during recess provided they have a note from a doctor. (Notes must be dated and signed.) The note will be valid for only one week or less.

Parents, please check for appropriate dress before your student leaves for school. Students are expected to bring appropriate headgear, gloves and coats. Snow pants and snow boots are highly recommended; however, if your child(ren) wish(es) to play in the snow, snow boots and snow pants are required. Be prepared for North Dakota’s changing weather conditions.

  • If the temperature is under 50° students must wear coats.
  • If the temperature is 51°- 60° students can wear long sleeves/sweatshirts.
  • If the temperature is 60° and above, students can wear shorts/t-shirts.