Dickinson Middle School Staff

Cassie Francis Staff Photo

Casaundra Francis


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Photo of  Mrs. Kuhn

Amanda Kuhn

Behavior Specialist

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Photo of Mrs. Ricks

Dr. Sarah Ricks

Literacy Coach

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Photo of Mrs. Greenwood

Renee Greenwood

Administrative Assistant/Student Services

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Photo of Ms. Steckler

Val Steckler

Administrative Assistant/DMS Etrition

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Photo of Miss Eckes

Kristi Eckes


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Photo of Mr. Ahmann

Patrick Ahmann


My name is Patrick Ahmann. I teach 8th grade Math. This will be my 18th year of teachin...

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Tiffany Ahmann

Teacher of the Hearing Impaired

Photo of Mrs. Asencio

Ashley Asensio

ELA Boost

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Photo of Mrs. Bechtold

Michelle Bechtold

ELA Instructor/Social Studies

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Photo of Kayla Been

Kayla Been

Occupational Therapist

Photo of Mrs. Carroll

Carolyn Carroll

Special Education Instructor

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Sandra Craig


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Trista Dakken

Counselor - 7

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Photo of Mrs. Decker

Carissa Decker

Math 7

Student Links: Water Use Calculator The Water Project Countdown to Zero To ...

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Photo of Miss Dennis

Dixie Dennis

8th Grade Science

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Photo of Mr. DesRosier

Andrew DesRosier

Behavior Intervention / Athletic Director

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Photo of Mrs. DesRosier

Heidi DesRosier

Science/Social Studies

Student Links: Oregon Trail Graph Generator SURVEY

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Mrs. Eastham Staff Photo

Ashlee Eastham


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Mrs. Eckelberg Staff Photo

Angie Eckelberg

Language 7

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Photo of Mrs. Emard

Meghan Emard

Counselor - 8

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Jessica Erickson

Language 7

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Photo of Mrs. Evans

Kacie Evans


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Photo of Miss Farstveet

Hannah Farstveet

Social Studies

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Photo of Ms. Filkowski

Liane Filkowski

Physical Education / Health

Student Links: HUMAN MACHINE Skeletal System Human Body Web Quest Skeletal...

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Photo of Mrs. Flatz

Gretchen Flatz


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Alexander Fransen


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Photo of Mrs. Fridrich
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Photo of Mr. Glasser

Daniel Glasser

Physical Education

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Photo of Mrs. Grosz

Allison Grosz

Science/Social Studies

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Nicole Hanson

Teacher of the Visually Impaired

Photo of Mrs. Hayes

Dakota Hayes

ELA/Social Studies Instructor

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Anthony Haynes



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Conway Heupel

Music Specialist

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Photo of Mrs. Janke

Rebekah Janke

ELA Boost

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Photo of Ms. Jilek

Amanda Jilek

Counselor - 6

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Photo of Mrs. Karey

Baelee Karey

Next Step

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Photo of Shawna Knipp

Shawna Knipp

Special Education Process Facilitator - Dickinson Middle School & Dickinson High School

Photo of Mrs. Kupper

Christina Kupper

Special Education Instructor

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Photo of Mrs. Lafond

Tana Lafond

ELA/Social Studies Instructor

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Photo of Mrs. Larsen

Marilyn Larsen

Skills for Daily Living

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Photo of Miss Leslie

Jenifer Leslie


Ms. Leslie teaches 8th grade Earth Science and an Environmental elective at Dickinson M...

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  • sites.google.com/site/mslesliescience/home (opens in new window)
Mr. Levi Long

Levi Long


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Photo of Mrs. Mehrer

Leann Mehrer

Special Education Process Facilitator - Dickinson Middle School

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Photo of Mrs. Muckle

Lidia Muckle

Title I/Math Interventionist

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Photo of Mrs. Munds

Megan Munds

Administrative Assistant

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Photo of Mr. O'Brien
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Photo of Mr. Obrigewitch

Scott Obrigewitch

Social Studies

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Daniel Olson

Physical Education

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Jamie Prellwitz


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Photo of Mrs. Rackov

Brittany Rackov

DMS Library

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Hanna Rear

ELA Instructor

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Danielle Riesgraf

STEM Instructor - Exploring Solutions

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Nicholas Riesgraf

Assistant Principal

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Photo of Mrs. Schaeffer
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Photo of Mrs. Schlecht

Meagan Schlecht

Technology Integration Coach

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Photo of Mrs. Schmidt

Charleen Schmidt

ELA/Reading Interventionist

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Photo of Miss Schobinger

Madison Schobinger

Special Education Instructor

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Photo of Mrs. Schobinger

Sandra Schobinger

ELA/Social Studies Instructor

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Photo of Mr. Selle

Todd Selle

STEM Instructor - Design & Technology

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Photo of Mrs. Sherer

Amy Sherer

ELA/Social Studies Instructor

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Photo of Mr. Sobolik

Damian Sobolik

STEM Instructor - ImpAct

Student Links: Ancient Greece Oregon Trail Heat as Energy

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Dorothy Stein

Literacy 6

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Photo of Mrs. Stockert

Kim Stockert

Mathematics/Social Studies

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Photo of Mrs. Wagner

Alyssa Wagner

Geography 7


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photo of Mrs. Wanner

Nancy Wanner

Technology Paraprofessional

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Photo of Mrs. Weber

Dawn Weber

STEM Instructor - Pathways

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Photo of Mr. Wilson

John Wilson


John Wilson teaches 7th and 8th grade Art classes at DMS. Mr. Wilson coaches freshmen f...

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Photo of Mrs. Wolf
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Janelle Yoder

Assistant Principal

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