DMS Policy Reminders

DMS Reminders Flyer

No Nuts or Cellphones at DMS!

Aww Nuts

There are no nuts allowed except at lunch at the designated tables.
Please do not bring nuts or nut products for a snack.
Halloween is coming- please do not bring Reese's products to school. 
Halloween candy of any kind is not a substitute for lunch.

Cell Phones

Cell phones should not be turned off and stored in a backpack or locker. They should not be in your pocket. Teachers and paras have the right to confiscate your cell phone if you have it out and/or use it without permission. Confiscated cell phones are stored in a locked cabinet in the office and can be picked up at the end of the day. 2nd time your cell phone is confiscated, a parent must pick it up. Cell phones are never to be used in bathrooms or locker rooms. Please be respectful and follow cell phone rules. If you need to contact home, you may use a phone in the office.