Berg Elementary School Staff

Tracy Lecoe


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Kayla Kennedy

Administrative Assistant

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Rebekah Albrecht


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Ross Ascheman

School Counselor

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Emma Bennett

Resource Paraprofessional

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Abby Braun

Resource Paraprofessional

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Maria Dunham

Resource Paraprofessional

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Ashley Evans

Grade 3

Greetings!  Welcome to 3rd grade at Berg!  I have been teaching for four...

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Kristi Foster

Reading Interventionist

Hi Berg families!  My name is Kristi Foster and I am the Reading Interventionist a...

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Veronica Franco

LD Paraprofessional

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Bryan Herrin

Grade 5

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Kathleen Jepson

Grade 3

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Bethanie Krieg

Social Worker

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Troy Kuntz

Library Media Specialist

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Laura Leiss

1st Grade

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Kassie Machovsky

Library Paraprofessional

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Jodi Martin

Grade 1

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Mary Anne Meyerhoeffer

LD Education

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Christie Morlock


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Lisa Nauman

Title I

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Darcy Schulte

Grade 4

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Erin Simek

Technology Paraprofessional

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Maria Stockert

Physical Education

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Robin Swenson

Grade 4

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Leighton Ward

Special Education

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Barbara Wiege

Grade 2

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Rachel Zarak

Speech Paraprofessional

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