Kindness Theme Day

Kindness Theme Day

Our December theme day, where we strive to build connection and community with our K-8 students, focused on kindness.  This month's theme helped us embark on a heartwarming journey that embraced the spirit of compassion, creativity, and collaboration. Below are some highlights of our day.

The Power of Authentic Stories

Our day kicked off with an inspiring K-5 session led by Mrs. Chapman and Mrs. Kittelson, where students had the opportunity to share their authentic writing. Three brave students captivated their peers with stories of overcoming challenges, leaving the class in awe. This exercise fostered a sense of vulnerability and connection and showcased the resilience and strength within our student community.  Thank you to Rhys, Brady, and Luisa for sharing your stories! 

Students in grades 6-8 worked with Mrs. Stroud, Mrs. Tormaschy, Mrs. Rackov, and Mrs. Praus to select good-fit books for the upcoming month from the DMS library.  

 STEM Exploration and Musical Pathways

At another rotation, K-8 students delved into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) with Mr. Kuntz & Ms. Reisinger. The challenge? Create a robot's path based on the mood of a piece of music. This hands-on activity honed their STEM skills and encouraged learners to explore the emotional nuances of music, connecting the arts with technology in a unique and engaging way.

Kindness Lessons with Mrs. Urlacher

Mrs. Urlacher led a powerful kindness lesson during another rotation. Students participated in activities that encouraged them to express appreciation for their peers and fostered a positive and supportive atmosphere within the virtual academy. The shared warmth and kindness laid the foundation for stronger connections among classmates.  Students were also challenged to participate in the 10 Days of Giving DPS challenge.

Celebrating Reading with Rhinestone Rhonda & Reading Buddies

As the day wrapped up, students gathered to celebrate the joy of reading with Rhinestone Rhonda. The book corral beckoned with diverse literary treasures, and students eagerly paired up with their new book buddies. Together, they explored the magic of storytelling, deepening their love for literature in a shared reading experience.

Our monthly theme day dedicated to kindness was a success, weaving together the threads of authentic storytelling, STEM exploration, kindness lessons, music, and a celebration of reading. 

We believe that fostering a culture of kindness enriches academic experiences and nurtures our students' hearts and minds. As we bid farewell to this month's theme, we look forward to the next theme day that awaits our curious and compassionate learners.

We can't wait for next semester's face-to-face theme days!