Love of Learning

Love of Learning

"The more you read, the more things you will know.  The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." - Dr. Seuss

Our students have a Love of Learning!

Students with a Love of Learning are intrinsically motivated and engaged in a topic regardless of achieving an external standard.  They enjoy learning simply for the sake of learning. They don't need a prize or a high grade as a reward.  Their reward is the process of doing the work and improving.  

Please read to hear from students, in their very own words, about why a Love of Learning is so important to both our Virtual Academy and our lives:

A love of learning is a critical skill for success with the Roughrider Virtual Academy because in order to do a project, or learn about something new to your fullest potential, you need to love it. A love of learning means to be interested in something that you need to learn like a class. Having a love of learning is a very good and important skill to have when working, or in school. You know you have a love of learning when you look back on your work, and it's very strong and has good writing. So, when having a love of learning, it is important to embrace it and use it to your fullest, I wish you the best of luck. -Eva

A love of learning, one of my strongest character strengths, is a critical skill with the roughrider virtual academy. A lot of people who don't love learning, especially in RRVA, end up falling behind and not being able to get back on pace for a while. If they don't love learning they might also have bad grades, for example if someone doesn't like math or science, they might have a D or an F in those classes because they aren't interested in learning that subject. As a result, they might lack motivation to do anything. They might see that they have bad grades or see that they are behind and lose motivation for anything. Love of learning if very important with the Roughrider Virtual Academy because many students who don't have a love of learning either fail or lack motivation and get behind. -Sydnee

Love of learning is a critical skill for Roughrider Virtual Academy because with it kids are interested in learning. Without love of learning kids are not motivated to learn anything. For example, if a kid is not interested in learning they will only fall further behind. A love of learning will help keep the students to stay focused and on track so that won't conclusion a love of learning is important to the Rough Rider Virtual Academy because it boosts the motivation that we need. -Kashora

A love of learning, my strongest character strength, is a critical skill for success with the Roughrider Virtual Academy. Without a love of learning, students wouldn’t want to learn. Students would also be more interested in learning. They also would be much more willing to do tasks such as homework if they care and are interested in learning. Students also wouldn’t be as motivated, which is less work done. And without a love of learning, students wouldn't know what to do. A love of learning fuels motivation, and motivation is very important in the online Roughrider Virtual Academy. - Robert

A love of learning is a crucial skill for success with the Roughrider Virtual Academy, an online school by DPS. Being a self-paced program, it’s important that students have the drive to learn. Otherwise, we can’t be sure whether or not the student with succeed. Additionally, wanting to learn can allow you to be more interested in what you're learning about, allowing you better understand the topic in the end. Moreover, in this program you are the teacher and the student. Thus, it’s important that the student loves to learn as they might not have someone there to guide and direct them 24/7. In conclusion, it’s vital for RVA students to have a love of learning to succeed in the program, because in order to learn you must have a willingness to learn. -Owen

Love of learning, of of many character strengths, is a critical skill for success , with rough rider academy, a virtual schooling program allows you to work at a self pace. If you are anything like i am,  then being under pressure can make you feel stressed,  but with roughrider academy you can work at a pace that works just for you!  Motivation and responsibilty are two of the many skills you will learn overtime with having love of learning for rough rider because you will see how important doing all of your work is in order to keep you on pace. The best thing is that if you do by any chance go off pace, you can work on the things you didnt  do or reach out to one of your teachers for help. Overall rough rider academy is a very independent schooling program and you have to be willing to put the work and effort into it which is where love of learning comes in to help. -Beatriz


Thank you to the Positivity Project for allowing us to grow our Love of Learning this year.