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Bucket Drumming & Staff White Boards at Roosevelt

Posted by on Oct 19, 2021 in Announcements | Comments Off on Bucket Drumming & Staff White Boards at Roosevelt

“Learning how to write on the music staff is an important part of elementary music.  Having boards with pre-printed staffs is a game changer!  The students do not need to write their own staffs and worry about re-writing the staff when they make a mistake.  It is a HUGE time saver and eliminates student frustration.  Bucket drumming has been a fun tradition for our students at Roosevelt.  We even do bucket drumming for our 5th grade concert.  Adding new music and resources to this unit keeps it exciting and fun for the students.  Thank you.  Angela Ernst, Music Specialist, Roosevelt

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What would make a difference?

Posted by on Oct 5, 2021 in Announcements | Comments Off on What would make a difference?

We are super excited to announce that you have “double your chances” to win a DPS Foundation grant this year!  Do you have something in your classroom or in your school that you would like to improve with a Foundation grant?  We have budgeted $50,000 towards the regular grants and $10,000 towards the mini grants this year.  This could have a huge IMPACT in our schools!!!  Regular grant applications are due on December 10.  Mini grants can be submitted anytime (but before May 1, 2022).  Hard copies of the grant applications have been sent to the schools and a fillable form is available on the Foundation website under Grant Program.  We can’t wait to see your proposals!!!