2022 Governor's Summit on Innovative Education

Governors Summit held at DMS

Today Dickinson Public Schools had the privilege of hosting the 2022 Governor's Summit on Innovative Education at Dickinson Middle School.

A special congratulations to our 2022 graduate Dante Domine, for receiving the Governor's Excellence in Student Leadership Award! Domine served as student council president and the Dickinson Youth Commission vice-president!

Incoming Freshman Tristan Orton and DMS assistant principal Dr. Sarah Ricks also joined the stage as panelists discussing the importance of the student voice and school-to-home partnerships. The DPS school board was also recognized for participating in the Be Legendary School Board Institute.

Thanks to our staff, the governor's team, and the outstanding student volunteers for a fantastic event.


Dante Domine receiving the Student Leadership Award

Student panel and student volunteers meeting the governor