DMS Peer to Peer Program

Ellesen Laumb smiling with Benton Kadrmas

By: Madison Schobinger, Special Education Instructor at DMS

Dickinson Middle School has recently piloted a Peer to Peer program. 8th-grade students take Peer to Peer as an elective and spend time in the ID Resource Room. Our first Peer to Peer participants were Benton Kadrmas and Ellesen Laumb. Ellesen chose to take Peer to Peer as an elective this year and has been a huge asset to the classroom. She has had the opportunity to work with many different students since the start of the year. After getting to know Ellesen, the Resource Room staff introduced her to Benton, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Here is what Ellesen had to say about her time in the Peer to Peer program:

“I am very grateful for all of the new opportunities Peer to Peer has given me! I love being able to see everyone grow and develop new friendships. All of the activities we do give me a chance to get to know everyone better and create special bonds with everyone. I have recently been spending time with Benton, and I really enjoy it because he is such a fun person to be around! He can make anyone laugh, and he also tries to find a way to make you smile no matter the situation! Benton also loves to make pancakes, just like me! Aside from getting to know everyone better and spending time with them in the classroom, I love all of the interactions I get to have outside of the classroom, such as introducing the students to my other friends!”  

We are so grateful for Ellesen’s willingness to go above and beyond to make each day so much fun! Being able to pilot this program with Ellesen has shown the huge benefits that this program can bring to DMS. We can’t wait to continue this program in the future.

Ellesen Laumb smiling with Benton Kadrmas