Why I Do Yearbook

Heather Cabral sits on a bench smiling at camera

By: Heather Cabral, DHS Student

A yearbook is a “memory book” that highlights the students, teachers, and events of the school year. This would be nothing without the hard-working members that are a part of the yearbook. It takes a lot of work to put together a whole school year into 156 pages. We start in August and end in June when submitting the final pages. There are a lot of difficulties when assembling the yearbook, from picking the theme to the color palette, to taking the pictures and putting it all together on the website.  

Although working on the yearbook is important, bonding as a team matters the most. Our yearbook club focuses on building relationships with each other. By doing this, we can cooperate well as a team. Sometimes it can be challenging, but we are able to overcome it by discussing and evaluating our choices. These choices are what make the yearbook up but also what brings us together as one group. It allows us to learn from each other and a variety of skills that will be useful in the future. 

It is not all just serious work, but we also have fun. We try to have team bonding outside of school because when building a yearbook, it can get tiring. We like to get together on Zoom and play games or go out to eat and talk about anything and everything. When we do these activities, it brings us closer together as a big yearbook family. It can also get chaotic, though, when we get all together. Nonetheless, we always have the most fun. 

The importance of a yearbook is crucial. It promotes belonging and highlights personal and shared experiences. In the digital age, when it is easier to find comfort in technology, yearbooks can bring people together. It also honors the culture DHS has created. Yearbooks also promote school pride, spirit, and unity. It is covered in our school colors, motto, and everything else that relates to DHS. It serves to remind students, teachers, and staff of a shared purpose. 

A yearbook is a necessity. It captures memories frozen in time, events that happened, faces that change, and memories that may only be remembered by opening a yearbook. That is why I do Yearbook. 

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Yearbook Club sits in a classroom smiling at the camera