Marcus Lewton Headshot
Dr. Marcus Lewton - Interim Superintendent

Dr. Marcus Lewton was named Interim Superintendent for the 2021-2020 school year in May 2021.  Lewton is the chief executive officer of the school district and is the educational leader who promotes the success of all students and staff in the performance of their jobs. He works directly with the school board and supervises the transportation and technology departments, and the school improvement process.  Lewton previously served as both Principal of Dickinson Middle School from 2012 - 2020 and Director of Career and Technical Education for the district.  Prior to that, he served as the Roughrider Area Career & Technical Center Director and a teacher in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Twila Petersen
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
701-456-0002 ext 2203

Keith Harris - Assistant Superintendent 

Keith Harris is the Assistant Superintendent of Dickinson Public Schools/District where he provides oversight of district level departments and ensures high levels of learning for every student. Keith brings prior experience as a curriculum/facilities director, elementary and K-12 school principal, vice principal and teacher. 

Nancy Muffley 
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Superintendent
701-456-0002 ext 2208

Keith Harris Headshot
Melanie Kathrein Headshot

Melanie Kathrein - Director of Instruction 

As the Director of Instruction, Melanie Kathrein oversees the development and revision of curriculum for all K-12 content areas, facilitates curriculum-related professional development and assessment. She is also the administrator who is responsible for professional development related to Title IIA and Title IV. Mrs. Kathrein supervises the elementary literacy coaches, the elementary libraries, and the Instructional Media Center. She facilitates the district Professional Development Leadership Team and the MTSS Committee. Mrs. Kathrein also serves on the School Improvement Leadership Team, the Teacher Evaluation Committee, and the Calendar Committee and has served as Director of Instruction since 2006.

Shawn Leiss - Director of Student Services 

Shawn Leiss has served as Director of Student Services since July 2020.  He previously served as assistant principal and activities director for Dickinson Middle School. He supervises the implementation of federal, state, and district guidelines regarding district-wide wraparound services including: Section 504, McKinney Vento (homeless services), English Learner Services, Gifted and Talented, Home School, and Foster Care. Mr. Leiss also serves as the Dickinson Public Schools Suicide Prevention Coordinator. In addition to these responsibilities, he oversees the operation of the West Dakota Parent & Family Resource Center, the Adult Learning center as well as the district-wide counseling and social work program. 

Shawn Leiss Headshot
Sheri Twist Headshot

Sheri Twist - Director of Special Education 

Sheri Twist has served as Director of Special Education since 2019. She previously serviced DPS for 15 years as a special education coordinator(5 years) and special education strategist(10 years).  Her role provides leadership to coordinate and supervise the effective delivery of special education services. Sheri's commitment in the area of Special Education is to implement and maintain programs and services in conformance to district, state, and federal law. Sheri oversees all facets of the special education department, including programs, services, personnel, and budget. She also directly supervises the special education coordinators, school psychologists, occupational therapists, and process facilitators.