Grant Program

The Dickinson Public Schools Foundation has awarded over $386,376 in grant projects which impact nearly 100% of the students enrolled in the Dickinson Public Schools.

  • Educators, certified staff, and/or administrators can apply for grants.
  • The Foundation funds grant applications which enrich education.  We do not fund projects that are the school district’s responsibility.
  • We are implementing a “mini grant” program this year.  You can apply for smaller grants up to $500.  We have budgeted $2,000 for the “mini grants.”
  • We budgeted $29,000 for the original grant program this year.
  • We have funded technology projects, science, STEM projects, language arts curriculum, fitness projects, music projects, professional development & more.
  • Grant applications will be due on December 15.
  • The 2017-2018 Grant Packet Information is posted below.

Some Photos from Previous Grant Awards/Projects



Information about the Dickinson Public Schools Foundation

Download (PDF, 410KB)

Memo to Staff for 2017-2018 Grant Program

Download (PDF, 35KB)


Grant Application Instructions

Download (PDF, 31KB)

Sample Grant Application Form with Instructions

Download (PDF, 135KB)

2017-2018 Grant Application Form (PDF)

Download (PDF, 36KB)

2017-2018 Grant Application in MS Word

Download (DOCX, 573KB)

2017-2018 Mini Grant Application Form (PDF)

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2017-2018 Mini Grant Application Form in MS Word

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Grant Evaluation Criteria

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Projects Funded by the Foundation Since 1993

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Entire 2017-2018 Grant Application Packet

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