Policy Council

The Policy Council actively participates in a shared decision making process with program management. Membership consists of parents of currently enrolled children and community representatives. All members must stand for election or re-election annually.

Policy Council Responsibilities

  • Grant Applications
  • Program Goals
  • Program Planning
  • Program Governing Policies & Procedures
  • Program Evaluation
  • Personnel Policies
  • Staff Hiring & Termination

Meeting Dates

Policy Council meets at 4 pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Meetings are held at the Community Action Partnership Early Head Start Center located at 338 1st St SE in Dickinson. To get an item on the agenda, please contact the Assistant Director one week prior to the regularly scheduled meeting date.

Policy Council 2017-2018 Officers (2018-2019 Policy Council Officers will be elected in December)

Chairperson – Dana Nagle
Vice chair – Deborah Fortner
Secretary – Paige Worley
Treasurer – Bridget Miller

2018-2019  Policy Council Members

Head Start Parent Representatives

  • Daymi Mandado, Jessica’s Room
  • Kassy Raasch, Jodi’s Room
  • ______________, Emily’s Room
  • Deborah Fortner, Natasha’s Room
  • Bonnie Wells, Home Base
  • LaKrisha Augare, Kim’s Room in Hettinger County

 Early Head Start Parent Representatives

  • Shanon Hayden, Home Base
  • Esmaralda Mejia, Home Base
  • Carlie Hageman, Home Base Alternate
  • Bridget Miller, Early Head Start Center

Community Representatives (2018-2019 Community Representatives will be announced in December)

  • Dana Nagle
  • Paige Worley

Governing Board Representative

Paige Worley