ABC sEducation Advisory Committee

The Education Advisory Committee reviews the curriculum to assess the appropriate development of readiness skills through an individualized process for each child; reviews results of the Program child Outcomes, and makes recommendations for program improvement; enhances parental involvement into the curriculum; provides input into educational policies and procedures; and develops transition procedures for children and families entering and exiting the Head Start Program.

For more information, please contact:
Julie Jahner, Education Coordinator

family-158139_1280Family/Community Partnership Committee

The Family & Community Partnerships Committee carries out responsibilities to enhance and support community and family centered services.  The committee carries out these responsibilities:

Facilitates two committee meetings per program year; the committee is composed of Head Start parents, a representative from Policy Council, Head Start staff, and various community representatives who are involved with families and children.
Advise and enhance the Family & Community Partnership component in the delivery of program services.
Assist in the implementation of the Head Start Program standards.
Address program and community issues affecting families and children.
Establish and promote partnerships between Head Start and community agencies/resources.
Encourage linkages and promote advocacy between parents and community agencies.
Promote community collaboration, planning, and problem solving.
Community awareness and responsibility for comprehensive family based services.
Promote and assists the Head Start Program with recruitment.
Participates in annual program self-assessment and federal monitor/review.

For more information, please contact:
Carolyn Morowski, Family/Community Partnership Coordinator



Health Advisory Committee

The Health Advisory Committee’s role is to provide guidance and input into the planning; operations, and monitoring of the health services component at Head Start. The committee meets biannually, usually in the fall and spring of the school year. Members include Head Start parents, health services providers from the community, and Southwestern District Health Unit.

For more information, please contact:
Sarah Haich, Health Coordinator