Support Staff

Meghan Ziegs is the Human Resources Manager

Jillene Susag

Jillene Susag is the District Wide School Psychologist

Michael Porter

Michael Porter is the District Wide School Psychologist

Sheri Twist

Sheri Twist is the District Wide Special Education Coordinator

Laura Leiss

Laura Leiss is the District Wide Curriculum Coordinator

Kent Anderson

Kent Anderson is the Business Manager

Naomi Obrigewitch

Naomi Obrigewitch is the Accounts Payable Manager

Sue Walz

Sue Walz is the Registration, Transportation and Building & Grounds Administrative Assistant

Michael Porter

Sarah Smyle is the Payroll Administrative Assistant

Sharmon Jassek

Sharmon Jassek is the Media Center and Print Shop Administrative Assistant

Michael Porter

Glenda Birds is the Administrative Assistant for Human Resources, Curriculum, Professional Development and Instructional Media Center

Twila Petersen

Twila Petersen is the Superintendent and School Board Administrative Assistant

Lisa Myran

Lisa Myran is the Student Services Administrative Assistant

Mitchell Murphy

Mitchell Murphy is the Technology Coordinator

Stacy Northrop

Stacy Northrop is an Education Technology Specialist

Laura Hondl

Laura Hondl is a Technology Specialist

Ryan Dukart

Ryan Dukart is a Technology Specialist

Wayne Shatz

Wayne Schatz is the Buildings & Grounds Coordinator