Central Office Administration


Dr. Doug Sullivan, Superintendent, is the chief executive officer of the school district and is the educational leader who promotes the success of all students and staff in the performance of their jobs. He works directly with the school board and supervises the transportation and technology departments, and the school improvement process. dsullivan@dpsnd.org

Dorothy MartinsonDorothy Martinson is the Director of Student Services. Her primary responsibilities include Special Education and Title I. She is also the administrator that is responsible for Section 504, Home Education, Supervision of the Early Childhood Special Education Program, Adult Learning Center, West Dakota Parent & Family Resource Center, and services for homeless students. In addition, all new students to the District register at the Central Administration Office through the Director of Student Services office. dmartinson@dpsnd.org

Melanie KathreinMelanie Kathrein is the Director of Curriculum and Professional Development. Her responsibilities include development and revision of all K – 12 curricular areas for the District. She is also the administrator who is responsible for professional development, and funding related to Title IIa, IId, IV, and district assessment. The Instructional Media Center is also under her administrative duties. mkathrein@dpsnd.org