4th Grade

Words Their Way


In order to move students forward in reading and writing, it is essential to have efficient and effective instruction in word study.

Words Their Way provides this instruction through a researched-based approach that allows students to receive instruction at their developmental level.  Words Their Ways addresses foundational skills (phonics), spelling, and vocabulary through working with words: examining, manipulating, comparing, and categorizing.

Words Their Way does not use traditional spelling tests.  Instead, we use the child-centered approach that helps students recognize and learn to apply sound, pattern, and meaning in their sorts and beyond isolated lists.


Activities to support your child at home:

Remember: The words that your child brings home are not intended to be memorized for a test.

Instead, help them sort and categorize the word cards based on the headings or key words (such as CVC, –ion, or oddballs).  The headings are written in bold.  Usually there are words that are also in bold print.  These bolded words are an example of the type of words that fit under a heading.